YourTurn - 7/29/11

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Jon Brookmyer from Royalton, Illinois:
"I have been struggling to understand one of the Tri-State area's greatest enigmas. What is Mike Smythe doing on the air… (does) he have nothing better to do than broadcast such lopsided, opinionated tripe? Most of his commentary pieces appear to be very narrow minded and almost, yet not quite, as entertaining as watching a car rust. Perhaps he fancies himself as some sort of insightful broadcast druid whose sermons bless the viewing audience."
Adam Decker from Chester, Illinois:
"As much as I appreciate the search for Jacque Waller and the coverage she is receiving, I can't help but wonder why we are not hearing about any other missing people? If we could spend as much time on one person, shouldn't we help every person that is missing in the same way?"

Mary Lee Pavloff from Zeigler, Illinois:
"…Social Security checks have not increased in two years, yet when I shop prices are increasing. I am making it day by day with God's help. Senior Citizens are forgotten by the United States Congress. What is more important, shooting space missiles in the atmosphere or helping American seniors to live?"

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