Quinn signs new trucking laws

(KFVS) - Gov. Pat Quinn signed three bills into law that will clear up confusing language and enhance productivity in the trucking industry.

One law clarifies and standardizes the enforcement language for truck weight and size in the Illinois vehicle code.

The new law will allow maximum truck weight to increase by 400 pounds to 80,400 lbs if an auxiliary power unit (APU) is used.

Those units support functions such as heating, air conditioning and lighting in sleeper berths to allow the truck operator to turn off the vehicle's main engine overnight and reduce the amount of diesel it burns.

The new law also requires excess weight to be removed if the gross weight of a vehicle with a registered gross weight of 77,000 lbs or less exceeds certain weight limits by 2,000 lbs or less.

Also, clearance lamps are only required on commercial motor vehicles, not personal vehicles used for hauling things like a lawn mower.

This new law takes effect Jan. 1.

Quinn also signed two other bills relating to trucking.  One equalizes the speed limit for semi-trucks on four-lane highways outside the Chicago area.  Starting Jan. 1, trucks will be able to travel 65 mph – the same rate as other vehicles on the same roads.

The other allows a form of dual semi-trailer hitching using a single pivot point. This law takes effect immediately.

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