Heat affects weekend plans

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's no secret it's hot out there, but how will it affect your weekend plans?

Players for the Scott City Alumni Softball Tournament like Steve Sanford, say they make sure to practice in the evening hours. He says the tournament's games are usually played during Saturday morning and afternoon in years past, but this year are Friday and Saturday evening to try to get some relief from the daytime heat.

But, Sanford says even in the evening hours, it's hard to get much relief.

"When the sun starts to go down, it cools off a little bit then, but the humidity and all that is still there so it's still very hot," said Sanford. "You can easily stroke out or get dehydrated. It's just as important later in evening as earlier in the day to stay hydrated, so I'd say definitely you know it's still very hot."

Shannon Aldridge with the Hoops for Life 5k Run in Cape Girardeau says they are also worried about the heat. Even though the run is in the morning, temperatures won't cool off overnight, and so they're worried about people getting overheated. He says they've added an extra water stop on the course for Saturday's race because of the heat.

"We're going to preach hydration hydration as much as anyone will listen to us, drink, drink start drinking tonight have water in your system, don't take a chance," said Aldridge.

And Sara Turner with the Conservation Department says the heat has caused people to steer clear of their outdoor activities.

"Some of our trail hikes that we've had in some of the previous months when it's cooler we might have 12 people sign up to go, and this last month we only had one person sign up," said Turner.

But, Turner says the heat has pushed people indoors to the free nature center. She says normally on summer days they might see about 150 visitors, but Thursday, they saw more than 370.

The average low for the month of July is usually 70 degrees, but lately the lows have been mid 70s. So, nothing record breaking, but still warmer than average lows.