Glimpse into the lives of the Waller triplets

STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KFVS) - Jacque Waller disappeared more than seven weeks ago, and her children are beginning to wonder if they'll ever see mother again.

Avery, Addison, and Maddox are spunky, typical five-year-olds. They just happened to be going through one of the hardest things a child could ever experience.

"Maddox misses snuggle time with mommy," said Cheryl Brenneke, their aunt and Jacque Waller's sister.  "He'll crawl up on my lap and say, 'At least I have you Aunt Cheryl.'  That's the hardest."

Brenneke and her husband Bob have temporary custody of the children.

All three told Heartland News reporter Crystal Britt that buying toys is their favorite thing to do, but swimming is next on their list.

"There's the mornings the and the bedtimes that they really miss their mom," Brenneke said. "We can keep them distracted most of the time, but there's the mommy times you can't do anything about."

Their Aunt Cheryl says she's tried to keep as many Jacque reminders as possible throughout the house.

"The first thing we did was frame some pictures," said Brenneke. "Addison said she wants mommy pictures everywhere, she would have them plastering the walls."

In the girls room you'll find Jacque's jewelry, and the phone she kept in her office.

"Avery, she got on that phone the other day and said mommy is in California," said Brenneke. "I said why do you say that, she said cause I talked to mommy and that's where she is. Later she'll make reference to mommy being in heaven. They're five, and they can't wrap their minds around all of this."

Cheryl Brenneke just wants her sister found, so she can finally answer the children's heartbreaking questions.

"I'll be so glad when we can tell them...I won't be glad, but at least we'll have an answer to deal with."

The triplets father, Clay Waller, does not have visitation rights at this time. It's something he and his attorney are fighting.

He remains a person of interest in his wife's disappearance, but continues to maintain his innocence.

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