Franklin Hospital cuts staff and pay

BENTON, IL (KFVS) - The changing economic times in the medical world is now costing a dozen people their jobs at the Franklin Hospital in Benton, Illinois.

"We've had to reduce some of our personnel in a number of areas. We've had to combine some departments," said Mike Budnick Franklin Hospital COO & Clinic Manager.

"While painful this will assure us that we're moving forward. And helping us to not be too worried about the changing economic scene in Medicare and Medicaid."

Which Budnick says makes up more than 75-percent of the hospitals yearly revenue.

"We take patients here no matter what. And as such that really straps the organization. And so as we've been facing less and less reimbursement, we realized we have to make some changes here to more closely match revenue to expenses," said Budnick.

The remaining staff will take a 2% pay cut, management and administrators pay will be cut from 2% to 15%.

Overall the cuts and reductions to the hospital staff will save the facility more than a million dollars in the upcoming year.

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