Flood water finally dropping in East Cape Girardeau

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, IL (KFVS) - While most folks affected by spring flooding are well into the clean-up and recovery effort, one area of Alexander County is still plagued by high water. But that could soon change.

The Mississippi river level dropped enough to open the gravity drains in East Cape Girardeau and McClure that is allowing the seep water previously trapped in that area to drain out.

"We've got the gates open, the water can go out now, it's just a matter of time until it all drains out," said East Cape Girardeau Village Trustee Bob Porter.

The water started to rise in late April. It filled streets, fields and homes and has stood stagnant for nearly three months.

The long-standing high water has made Steve and Jan Gerard's commute from rural McClure to their jobs in Cape Girardeau a bit interesting.

"Not a lot of people go to work in mud boots," said Jan Gerard.

The Gerard's house stayed dry, but the road that leads to it is still under water. But the Gerard's have made it work. Every day they boat between their home and Route 146.

"We kind of joke about taking the ferry to the island," said Steve Gerard.

The water is dropping about an inch a day on average. When the majority of the water drains out, work will begin to clean up sandbags and get things back to normal.

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