Girl saves life on float trip

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - A summertime activity can turn dangerous quickly. Luckily for one man, a close friend came to the rescue, when he had a close call.

"I climb up there and I was like man, I had that little voice in my head that said I shouldn't do this,"

But Nick Spitler did. Spitler and his girlfriend Stefany Laskosky were on a Current River float trip, when Spitler had a bright idea.

"Well I was having a great time, I was floating down the river, I seen several guys jumping off a cliff and they were doing just fine and I was like oh I'll get up there and jump off of it," said Spitler.

"he jumped off of a cliff about 35 feet high, did a back flip and landed in about 3 foot water," said Laskosky.

Obviously, that combination, did not end up well. Laskosky says the landing knocked Spitler unconscious.

"As they got him up on shore, I started CPR," said Laskosky.

Laskosky just finished a health occupations class at the Perryville Area Career and Technology Center where she learned her skills, like CPR.

"When we didn't see him come up I just thought, Ms. Brown," said Laskosky.

Sheila Brown teaches the class. She says it's important for people to even know a basic set of health skills.

"You never know when an accident is going to happen, and it might be you, and one of your loved ones, and I know I would always want someone to help me or my family," said Brown.

"I think everybody should have the skills, just in case, it wouldn't hurt to have them even if you never have to use them, hopefully you never have to use them. But it's good to have them around your belt," said Laskosky.

Spitler says he feels lucky Laskosky had the skills, and used them.

"It was scary, I hadn't ever had anything like that happen before," said Spitler.

Now he says he's learned a lesson he wants to share with others...

"Before you do something, think about it, and if that little voice says, eh you probably shouldn't do something, listen to it," said Spitler.

Luckily, Spitler says he doesn't have any broken bones or severe damages, just sore muscles.

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