Madison Co. looks for input on community center

FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) - From resources for all ages, to attracting future economic development, people in Fredericktown say a Community Center is a must for Madison County. Now it's up to the people to turn the dream into a reality.

"Obviously we have a dream," said City Administrator James Dismuke. "We think now we can make this project work."

Organizers say this is the right time to launch the initiative for the project that's been in the works for seven years. They say it would be a place for sports, recreation, arts, meetings, and more.

Those steering the project are looking for input and unlimited ideas about what the center could offer.

"It could have a commercial kitchen, a small movie theater, a track," said Dismuke.

Another essential for Fredericktown is a big place for meetings and events.

"We really don't have that now," said Sandy Francis of the Chamber of Commerce. "When it comes to attracting families and new business those things are important."

They are looking at possible locations. The board members say they could start from scratch or work with an existing location. One possibility is renovating the Middle School, destroyed by fire in April of 2010.

"We're looking at several possibilities," said Audrey Korokis. "We aren't sure what will be available to us."

To pay for the structure, Dismuke says one option is a half cent sales tax meant to generate $5 million over the next 20 years. That could appear on the ballot in the coming months. Meanwhile, people in Madison County say they need a place to come together.

"We need something like that for the kids," said Wanda Zahwa.

Meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of August, September and October.

Leaders say they are set for August 11, September 8, and October 13 at Black River Electric's meeting room at 6:30 p.m.

Architects will be on hand at the August meeting.

Call Jim Dismuke at 573-783-3683 or Audrey Korokis at 783-2197 for more information.

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