Does it Work Wednesday: Bump 'n' Drive

Use Bump 'n' Drive and you'll never need to get out of your vehicle to open and close a gate, at least that's the claim.  It's a series of latches and hinges you install to your gate.

"I come up two times a day to feed horses in the winter. It just makes it easy to get in and out of the gate. It's a lot less expensive than a cattle guard," said Frank James.

James cares for horses on his property near Marble Hill. He hasn't regretted installing the $200 Bump 'n' Drive kit.

"Very well pleased with it."

He demonstrated it for us. He drove his Rhino utility vehicle up to the device on the gate. he tapped it with his bumper and the gate swung open. He drove on through, and the gate swung back in place, locking behind him.

Frank says the key is the installation.

"When you hang it, get it nice and straight."

He's not the only one in Bollinger county using this device. In fact, I caught up with the inventor himself, Mike Merget, who uses this on the gate at the end of his gravel lane.

"Many people as they get older, you really feel it. You don't want to get out, open the gate, drive through, get back out and shut it. You save time and it's very convenient," said Merget.

Mike got the idea for this after working several years on a cattle ranch in Australia. That said, I asked him two questions everybody watching this wants to know. First, if a truck can bump 'n' drive right on through, can livestock, too?

"We've tested this in a feedlot. They sure try and push. They're curious animals, but none got out. The gate because of the way it's modeled and the hinges wants to stay shut."

"You go through so fast the livestock doesn't even realize the gate has opened and closed. It goes quick."

For what it's worth, I asked Frank James if any of his horses figured out how to maneuver this. He doesn't report any problems.

And, leave it to me to be the one to see if this can cause damage to your bumper.  I gave it all my "might" and drove the utility vehicle through the gate with the device.

So. it does work, as long as you bump 'n' truly drive through before the gate swings back and latches.

That said, Merget also sells a device that allows you more time to go through, especially if you're hauling a trailer.

"You can go anywhere from one to 45 seconds," said Merget.

The kit comes with the latches, hinges and bumpers to install.

"I'd give it an 'A," said James.

So, it does appear this product deserves an 'A' for being an asset to your farm, which shuts the gate on this Does it Work test.

For more details on the specific gate dimensions this work on as well as more demonstrations, head to the manufacturer's web site

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