Heat wave hits workers

Workers out at Capaha Park and Cape Central High School were blasted by heat as they worked outside Monday.

Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation workers pulled weeds, cleaned flower beds and mowed while trying to stay hydrated in the sun.

"Drinking plenty of Gatorade, Gatorade and water," David Pierce said. "That's what gets me going day to day."

David also recommends wearing loose and light clothing to help avoid the heat.

Ulrich Concrete Finishing worked on the entrance to Cape Central's new football field.

To beat the heat this crew starts early and gets most of their harder work done before it gets too hot.

"The earlier you start usually the better the day goes because you can try and get all this stuff done while it's decently cool," Blake Ulrich said.

Check out this list of cooling centers to find one near you.

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