A fun day for special people in Southern Illinois

When it comes to having fun, the Kiwanis Clubs of Division 33 in Southern Illinois know how to make it happen.

And on Saturday afternoon they did just that for more than 300 physically challenged people from across Southern Illinois.

The 24th annual Dave Webster Kiwanis Fun Day Picnic kicked off at the Wayne Fitzgerald State Park, Harbor Oaks picnic area on Rend Lake.

"It's my first time going here and I have fun, and I love it," said April Motsinger.

"We're playing the games and eating, and go on boat rides."

The music filled the air from the Rebel Country Band, as some danced the afternoon away.

Others spent their time challenging one another to a game of horseshoes or sand-bag toss.

"I like to work, I do papers. I have fun out here," said Roberta Dillion.

"I learned about the pontoon boat, it was fun. What else I like, I like the clowns."

In between the dancing and magician show, those in attendance also had the opportunity to take a ride on Rend Lake aboard one of the pontoon boats provided by volunteers.

"It's just a day to get the folks out, and let them get some air," said Dave Webster.

"And to let them have a little different change of scenery in life. And in the process have some fun, that's what it's all about."

But, it takes a lot of food to keep the good times rolling along. Volunteers cooked up more than 800-hot dogs, while the cheerleaders from Benton Consolidated High School served the food to anyone who was hungry.

And from the abundance of smiles on everyone's faces, the day ended up being just that, a fun day at Rend Lake.

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