Heartland's Best Farmer - The Telle Family

The Heartland's best this week isn't just about one farmer, its about a family of farmers.  The Telle family farm is in Uniontown and their farm is becoming more and more unique.

"There's not too many people that do what we do anymore as far as diversification," explained farmer John Telle.  "Hog farms have kind of come and gone. The dairy farms are dwindling and not too many people raise chickens anymore."

At the Telle farm, they do all of these things and more.

"We milk 50 cows, we farrow to finish 15 sows, we have 50 laying hens, and we raise our own corn, hay and wheat," said Donna Telle.

Donna Telle says she always imagined living a farm life, and a farm is actually where she fell in love with John.

With two sons, the Telle unit is now up to four.

"Our sons will be sixth generation if they choose to farm," said Donna.

And according to Blake, he will.

"I'll take over in the future," said Blake.

If you ask any of the Telle's their number one priority, the answer is the same.

"We do all AI breeding, we try to breed for the best possible milk," said John.

"We work very hard to put out, for our meat and milk, a nutritious healthy product for the consumers to buy that's at the top of our motivation to farm," said Donna.

Donna is also working closely with many organizations on the Fuel to Play 60.  Its a program to keep kids active 60 minutes a day and to eat healthy meals.  Congratulations to the Telle family, some of the Heartland's best farmers.

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