Heartland's Best Farmer - Randy Lambdin

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Randy Lambdin farms in the rural area of Wolf Lake, he's a seventh generation farmer and says for him farming is a love hate relationship.

"It kind of gets in your blood and it's really hard to get rid off," said Randy.

For Randy Lambdin, farming has always been a part of his life.

"I remember riding in the combine with my dad and on the tractor with my dad, wherever dad went I went," remembered Randy.

Randy's been farming the land for more than 25 years, and now he's the dad passing on the love for farming.

"The first memory was following dad in from the field and he let me drive his pickup truck," said Randy's son Eric.

Eric is one of Randy's three sons and the eighth generation of farmers in this family.

"Everything I know now has come from him," he said.

On the Lambdin's 2200 acre farm, there's definitely a lot to know.  The farm is mainly made up of corn, wheat and soybeans, but this year an unwelcome visitor is wearing out it's stay.

"You would hope that it would be rows and row of something pretty and green growing out there instead of backwater from the river, but sometimes you just can't help it," said Randy.

Today, about 1/3 of the farmland is under water and Randy says it's been the most frustrating year he can remember.

"We've cussed and discussed and frustrated with the river but we still smile and go on because we know that's part of it," explained Randy.

Randy says all the obstacles that come along with farming, just help you become more self sufficient.

"We do a lot of our own repairs, we work through our own problems," said Randy.

And that's something Randy is proud to pass on to his sons.

"He still brags that he's the est tractor driver but I don't agree with that," said Eric.

Eric says he would never change working side by side with his dad everyday, and Randy says his family is the reason of his success.

"I couldn't have got anywhere near where I'm at today and done all the things I've done in the community without the help of my family. They've been a big support of mine and I'm very indebted to them," said Randy.

Along with running the farm and being a family man, Randy is extremely community minded too.  Water boards, farm boards, school boards, he's done them all, and for the past four years he's also served as the Union County commissioner.

He's also very proud of his new title as one of the Heartland's best farmers.

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