Afternoon update: Synthetic drug raid in Stoddard Co.

Synthetic drugs (Source: Stoddard County Sheriff's Office)
Synthetic drugs (Source: Stoddard County Sheriff's Office)
Where some personal property of Jacque Waller was found off of Hwy. 177 near Proctor & Gamble.
Where some personal property of Jacque Waller was found off of Hwy. 177 near Proctor & Gamble.

Good afternoon. I hope your Thursday is going great. Here are some stories we are working on for Heartland News and

Stoddard County authorities seized thousands of dollars worth of synthetic drugs from convenience stores Thursday morning. Kathy Sweeney reports that the raid was performed under laws that have been on the books since the 1970s but a new law takes effect the end of next month banning all forms of synthetic cocaine and marijuana.

The Jacque Waller investigation is getting national attention. Crystal Britt talked to Jackson police today about some of the attention the case is getting after some of her personal property was found. Crystal also talked to Scott. Co. police about how they approached the Mischelle Lawless case that gained national attention.

Carly O'Keefe will be live at the Jackson County, Illinois Health Department where the director says they are getting some volunteers to step in and help during emergency crisis.

Holly Brantley reports that a Poplar Bluff boy has raised some serious money for care packages for his dad and fellow soldiers who are overseas in the military.

Missouri House Speaker Steven Tilley has formally launched his campaign for lieutenant governor. And Tilley says he is starting off with more than $1 million in his campaign account.

Closing arguments today in a southern Illinois murder trial that is under way for a man accused in another man's shooting death.

Some sad news out of Kentucky. The name has been released of the 2-year-old toddler who died in a Calloway County house fire.

A Michigan man has drowned in Kentucky Lake after officials say winds from an approaching storm blew his rental houseboat away from him.

A 30 ft. high bell tower presentation took place today at John A. Logan, funded by former teachers from Marion.

A judge has rejected a Paducah high school shooter's claims that mental illness prevented him from trying to withdraw a guilty plea to killing 3 classmates and wounding 5 others in 1997.

Bob Reeves says it will continue to be typical summertime in the Heartland with heat and humidity.

Todd Richards will have Babe Ruth baseball highlights from Chaffee!

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