Does it Work Wednesday: SuperTooth Buddy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - SuperTooth Buddy is supposed to make it easier and safer to talk and drive. The key is: you can hook up multiple cell phones to it. We'll see.

We start with an iPhone. We make a call to coworker Stephanie Byars. She reports no troubles hearing or talking with us.

Next, we hook up a second phone. This one from Verizon. I took a call on it just fine, and then tried a different iPhone. All are compatible with SuperTooth and saved in the phone's memory.

So, essentially, you and your passengers could link up all your phones, and thus take and make calls with all your different contacts, all with this one device.  It's like a super-sized speaker phone.  It easily attaches to the visor. So, once you're all connected, you could take this device wherever you go. Just pop it in different cars and talk.

It costs around $40. So, if you like this kind of gadget, you can trust it works. It earns an 'A' on this Does it Work test.  You can find it online at various sites, including Amazon.

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