Buddy Check 12: One woman's journey Pt. 4

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Heartland News has followed Judy Settle for four months now on her journey through treatment for breast cancer.

This month brings a happy ending as well as a loss for Judy.

She shared how she copes with it all through her treatment.

"I've not had severe side effects. I've had some annoying ones. But it hasn't got me down yet," Settle said.

The Jackson woman has just one more chemotherapy treatment to go!

She's been undergoing treatment for breast cancer for 15 weeks. Her 16th and final treatment is July 18.

She's keeping her positive attitude and sense of humor, relying on her family, friends and her faith.

"If I didn't have that strength, I don't think I could do this," Settle said.

And in July, she's needed to rely on that support system even more. As she prepares to celebrate the end of chemotherapy, she mourns another ending.

Judy lost her 88-year-old mother to congestive heart failure in early July.

This wife, mother and caretaker says the loss is a reminder in her own life.

"Life does obviously go on," Settle said. "It doesn't stop just because you're going through cancer treatments."

She knows many others going through cancer will experience the same kinds of things… and has this advice.

"You have to find that inner strength however and whenever you can," Settle said.

She adds that all starts with taking care of you!

"I have two children and a husband. I have my brother also that I help out as I can, and of course my mother that I cared for as best I could, so if you don't take care of yourself and put yourself first, for the first time for us women, you're no good to anyone," Settle said.

After Judy finished chemo this month, she has a break in treatment and will then begin radiation.

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