Toddler out of surgery after she was run over by truck

Althea S. Sutton (Source: Sikeston DPS)
Althea S. Sutton (Source: Sikeston DPS)
Makayla Brown
Makayla Brown

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A family is asking for prayers after their 2-year-old little girl was hit by a truck Sunday.

Althea Sutton, 49, of Sikeston is accused of running over Makayla Brown as she and a babysitter walked out of the Fas Gas station on East Street in Sikeston around 12:45 p.m. Police are investigating the incident.

According to Makayla's grandmother, she was out of surgery and awake Wednesday.

They need skin grafs and still won't know for several days if she will be able to use her leg.

Makayla's aunt, Kiley Adams, says Makayla was running a fever on Tuesday and she was to have surgery on her leg Wednesday which is not healing properly.

Captain Mark Crocker with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety says Althea S. Sutton is charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

As for Makayla, her family says her injuries are serious.

"Doctors told her mother this morning it is worse than they thought, but Makayla is a tough little girl," said her aunt, Kiley Adams.

Adams said Monday it will be a few days before they know the extent of her injuries.  Makayla is in a St. Louis hospital.

"She's up and talking and she keeps saying she has a boo boo," said Adams. "It just breaks your heart if you know her because she is so upbeat and so high spirited. She is an amazing little girl."

Family members says they are thankful to several people who came to Makayla's aid.

"It devastated me to see that baby hurt," said Barry Knapp.

Knapp happened to be at the gas station.  He was one of the first to try to pick up the truck and move it off the little girl.

"I guess it was adrenalin," said Knapp.

Witnesses say while other tried to help, Sutton watched in shock.

"The baby's foot was still stuck," said Tony Garrett.

Garrett jumped in to help as well.  He says he encouraged Sutton to move the truck.

"I kept telling her to move the truck and she kept saying she was too scared," Garrett said.  "So, I ran around there and jumped in the truck to back it up."

Garrett says he carefully moved the truck while Knapp comforted Makayla until an ambulance arrived.

"The Lord had to be there," said Knapp.

Witnesses say they tried to convince Sutton to stay until police arrived.

"She just kept saying she had to leave," said Garrett. "We told her if she did she'd be arrested."

Officers found Sutton's vehicle parked a little way behind a house.  They tracked her to her home and arrested her. More charges could follow.

Sutton was taken to jail on $10,000 cash bond.

A fund has been established to help the family. Donations can be made to The Makayla Brown Fund at any Focus Bank.

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