New stink bug species could affect farmers

JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) - A new species of stink bug has been spotted in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois and researchers say it's a matter of time before breeding populations start moving in.

Phil Pellitteri, an insert expert at the University of Wisconsin Extension, says the new species called the brown marmorated stink bug is coming from the East Coast and they will eventually affect farmers' profits.

UW entomologist Eileen Cullen tells The Janesville Gazette the bugs insert a needle-like probe into the fruit of seed pods and suck the juices.

The United States is home to dozens of kinds of native stink bugs that are not a problem. But experts believe the new species arrived from Asia in the late 1990s.

They exude a pungent, long-lasting stink from scent glands for protection.

Information from: The Janesville Gazette,

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