Sikeston FEMA location to close Saturday

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Sikeston is scheduled to close Saturday June 9, 2011 at 6pm.

The say that center alone has helped more than 230 people.

Maria Padron, a FEMA spokeswoman, says the organization has served all the people they can in that location.

But, she says the organization is always just a phone call away.

"The number one thing is whenever they need assistance or they have questions and we're not around, they can always call the 1-800-621-3362," said Padron. "That's a call away, they have an operator that can help them."

The next closest recovery center location is in Morehouse. The workers there say it's important to note that they've moved from the fire station to the old school cafeteria in the back of the building. That location is open Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm.

It is only the Sikeston location closing Saturday, but time is ticking away for the other locations too. July 29th is the last day to register for FEMA assistance, at that point Padron says all the locations in Southeast Missouri will close.