Mosquitos not expected to transmit virus this summer

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A professor at Southeast Missouri State University says mosquitos will likely bite but not transmit virus this summer.

According to Southeast Missouri State University, Dr. Christina Frazier, professor of biology and director of the Southeast Mo. Arbovirus Lab,  says the Heartland can expect Aedes vexans whose eggs are laid on drying ground and hatch during re-flooding.

"Right after a flood, we can expect to see an increase in pest mosquitoes," said Frazier.

St. Louis recently found Culex pipiens complex mosquitos that carried West Nile. Fraizer says none of these species have been found among those recently collected from the Birds Point area in Mississippi County, said the university.

Fraizer through the university website frequently contacts county and state health departments about the type of mosquitoes collected. The university says counties use that information to guide their spraying practices and also to educate the public with tips on avoiding mosquitoes, such as:

• Wear mosquito repellent when outdoors
• Avoid going out from dusk to dawn
• Wear long sleeved shirts if you are outdoors

Frazier holds a doctoral degree from Yale University.

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