Cape Girardeau won't cap liquor licenses, for now

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - At least for now, Cape Girardeau city leaders will not limit the amount of businesses that have liquor licenses.

A Tuesday study session with city council members covered the possibility of putting a cap on the number of liquor licenses allowed in the city.

Councilwoman Debra Tracy brought up the idea because, she said, some residents living in the downtown area are concerned about more liquor driven businesses opening up.

The council discussed the idea for about 30 minutes, but other council members did not want to pursue limiting the number of licenses.  However, the majority did want to look at other casino towns to see what limits they have in place.

Downtown business owners have mixed thoughts about a cap on liquor licenses.  Kevin Schearf, owner of River Front Antiques, said he doesn't feel strongly either way, but says he always encourages new business.

"I think any new business is good, whether it is a liquor place or antique or any place like that is really good," said Schearf.  "I don't see why you would cap it.  They just need to control the way it's ran and kept up.  Anymore foot traffic we're going to get down here looking in the window at night, it will help a lot."

Now other business owners say more bars or restaurants would be competition for them, but on the flip side, they also don't like seeing empty buildings.

City Manager Scott Meyer says this is still in the early stages and that is why it was discussed in the open study session.

The city if Cape currently has 117 liquor licenses.

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