Friday 5: Fireworks Safety Tips

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The 4th of July means food, fun and fireworks, but it's also important to keep these five tips in mind so it includes safety as well!

Don't let children use sparklers.

The most common fireworks injuries are the result of seemingly harmless sparklers.

Sparklers burn at a very high temperature, almost 2,000 degrees, so when a sparkler touches the skin it usually causes an immediate third degree burn.

Don't sit near the launching site at a fireworks show.

Whether you're attending a professional, public fireworks display, or in the backyard don't get too close to the launching site.

Don't touch fireworks debris.

Even on the ground, some of the spent debris from fireworks can still be hot.

And, some parts don't explode or burn completely, so can still be potentially dangerous if found on the ground.

If your fireworks don't go off, douse with water.

If you plan to use fireworks in your backyard, and they don't go off exactly as planned, you should pour water on them before you can safely approach.

And remember, alcohol and fireworks don't mix.

Of course alcohol consumption can lead to poor judgment which can lead to serious injuries.

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