4 Illinois communities file census challenges

CHICAGO (AP) - At least four Illinois communities say their 2010 census counts are too low.

The once-a-decade tally is used to dole out nearly $450 billion in federal aid nationwide. Local officials say with tighter budgets they're more sensitive to drop offs in funding.

The Illinois communities are among 18 nationwide filing challenges. They are Clinton, DeKalb, Edwardsville and South Jacksonville, which the census shows had 3,331 people in the 2010 count. That's down 144 from 2000.

South Jacksonville Mayor Gordon Jumper says the issue in his central Illinois village is clear. While the count was being conducted a major apartment complex was being remodeled, temporarily displacing many of the 1,000 people who live there.

In 2000, there were 1,200 challenges filed by cities and counties. More are expected this year.

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