New Kentucky law allows firework sales

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - A new Kentucky law is making a big boom throughout the state.  For the first time, folks can now legally buy, sell and set off their very own fireworks.

Many in Kentucky say this is a win-win for the state. Sellers make more money, and buyers get to celebrate 4th of July with all the festive bangs and pops.

Sellers say the Kentucky firework sales are booming

"The customers say do you have bottle rockets and firecrackers and stuff," explained firework seller Ronnie Fields.  "In the years past, we'd have to tell them no you have to go to Missouri. They call it the good stuff that's what they call the fireworks that explode and shoot in the air."

"It's been a whole lot better not having to go all they way to Missouri to buy them," said Paducah resident Phillip Slagle.

The new state law says you cannot set off a firework within 200 feet of a structure, a car, a person or an animal.

Also, even though the state allows fireworks this Independence Day, you may not have complete independence to shoot them in your area.  So, you must check with your local fire officials for certain city ordinances before you shoot those fireworks.

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