Afternoon update: Heads up, Kermit! Blago's hair in prison?

Kentucky residents can now buy firecrackers.
Kentucky residents can now buy firecrackers.
Heads up, Kermit! Missouri's frog hunting season begins this week.
Heads up, Kermit! Missouri's frog hunting season begins this week.

Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a major overhaul of Illinois' workers compensation system.  The governor is scheduled to be in Marion this afternoon to tout the reform he says would help companies large and small save money and be more competitive, while protecting workers injured on the job.  Julia Bruck has more on what this means for Illinois workers and businesses.

A Fredericktown man faces drug charges after a Perryville woman turns up dead in a Perryville hotel room.

It's one year later and still no justice for a Ripley County couple shot and burned in their home.  In late June last year, a fire destroyed the home of Loyd and Irene Piatt.  Investigators didn't suspect foul play at first, until a similar fire destroyed the home of another couple in July of last year.  That couple was shot to death.  After the Piatt's graves were dug-up, an autopsy revealed they were also shot to death.  Investigators have arrested and charged four people in connection with the second deadly fire, but there have been no charges filed in murders of Loyd and Irene.  Holly Brantley talks with family and friends today who want to know why.

Testimony is under way in the southern Illinois trial of a former Carbondale police officer accused of robbing a bank in 2008.

Imprisoned former Illinois Gov. George Ryan was with his ailing wife as she was taken off a respirator and died at a northern Illinois hospital yesterday evening.  Lura Lynn Ryan died Monday evening. She'd been diagnosed with lung cancer and hospitalized for apparent complications from chemotherapy.

A Nashville man was arrested this morning after police say he led them on a high-speed chase topping speeds of 125 mph!

A proposed ballot measure would make it more difficult for state lawmakers to overhaul initiatives that win approval from Missouri voters.

Metropolis Police busted a meth lab inside a home last night. Now, they are looking for the people who live there.

The Southeast Missouri Food Bank announced today they received a $22,500 grant to support a School Based Pantry.  The food bank chose to fund the Hayti School District starting in August.

You can now buy firecrackers and fireworks in Kentucky.  Laura Wibbenmeyer explains the change in state law.  Looking for something to do this Independence Day weekend?  Check out our list of events in the Heartland.

Ribbit!  Missouri's frog hunting season begins this week.  The Department of Conservation says the season for bullfrogs and green frogs runs from sunset Thursday through Oct. 31.

For all of you worried about Blago's hair if he is sentenced to prison, worry no more.  The hair that inspired a David Letterman Top 10 list and a line of "Bleep'n Golden" shampoo may survive a trip to prison.  A federal prison manual says there's no limit on hair length "as long as it is neat and clean," so former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich may be able to keep his famous locks if he's incarcerated.