Corps fixing weak spots in levee

Viewers are asking....what are the workers doing on the levee next to I-55 near the Dutchtown exit?

We found an answer.

The Army Corps of Engineers say they are doing routine work they do every summer. They say they are fixing the weak spots on the levee, where the dirt started to slide away.

The Corps of Engineers says the weak spots were actually there prior to the flooding.

Mary-Ann Hoffman owns the fireworks shop near the latest spot the Corps is working on. She says she's not worried.

"They have told us that this is just very cosmetic, they do this in the summertime, that it looks more dramatic than it is perhaps," said Hoffman. "So it's very safe, we're very safe, all of our potential customers that we want to come in over the next couple of days, absolutely no problem."

She says they see workers on the levee occasionally.

"Obviously they do inspect the levee from time to time, I mean we do see vehicles up there on the top, so again we feel safe and comfortable, and it's just a cosmetic thing," said Hoffman.

Roy Wellington, one of the Corps workers, says the dig down to the dry, stable dirt, and then put a plastic material down in layers, with two feet of dirt in between each layer.

He says each spot takes about two days to complete.

Wellington's group has 4 spots to fix along the levee. As of Monday, they've finished two, should finish the one they're working on Tuesday, and then one more to go.