Storms, flooding cause damage in the Heartland

Park Hills, Mo. (Source: Mark Berry)
Park Hills, Mo. (Source: Mark Berry)
Desloge, Mo. (Source: Mark Berry)
Desloge, Mo. (Source: Mark Berry)
Storm damage in Illinois (Source: cNews)
Storm damage in Illinois (Source: cNews)
Lightning during overnight storms (Source: Derrick Carlton)
Lightning during overnight storms (Source: Derrick Carlton)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - High winds damaged several buildings in St. Francois County overnight while Kentucky and Illinois residents dealt with flooding into Sunday morning.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in St. Louis, Police reported a "possible tornado" around 11:12 p.m. Saturday just north of Leadington.

Officers say 2 large billboards and debris was blown over U.S. Route 67. Wind gusts were reported at 65 mph with 1" hail.

According to police, around 11:14 p.m. Saturday a funnel cloud was also reported between Desloge and Bonne Terre in St. Francois County.

The St. Francois Sheriff's Department reported no known injuries late Sunday morning.

Strong storms Sunday afternoon caused trees to come down in Van Buren in Carter County, Mo., according to police reports.

In Illinois, heavy rains caused localized flooding overnight.

According to NWS in Paducah, there was standing water along roadways, and many creeks and streams were at the banks or overflowing in Jackson County, Ill.

As of 9:49 a.m. Sunday, 4.5 inches of rain has been measured in Jefferson County, Ill., according to reports.

In Williamson County, Ill., several low lying streets had standing water over them early Sunday morning.

In Metropolis, a weather spotter reported some flash flooding on main and side roads as they were beginning to flood. The estimated water over the roads was at 2" at 9:14 a.m. Sunday.

There were reports of lightning damage to some homes in Williamson County, causing power outages.

A weather spotter south of Carterville, Ill. near Devils Corner Lake reports 5.2 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, according to NWS reports.

Heavy rains caused a dam to breach in Waltonville, forcing officials to bring in a backhoe to drain Waltonville Lake.

In McCracken County, Ky, there were several traffic issues reported due to water on the roads. The water was deep enough to enter vehicles on near Jackson St.

There were reports of several stalled vehicles due to flooded roads in Paducah and Mayfield, according to NWS reports.

In Paducah, a van with 2 children and an adult were trapped inside after the driver hit high water in front of Western Baptist Hospital on Kentucky Ave., according EMA. Police were quickly on the scene and called a tow truck, according to Paul Carter with Emergency Management in McCracken County. The tow truck was able to pull the van out of the water. No injuries were reported.

And, another vehicle was trapped under a railroad trussel on Jackson St. EMA officials say the occupants were able to walk away unharmed.


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