Family without running water since February, blames water district

WAPPAPPELLO, MO (KFVS) - No running water since February. Bill and Cindy Ryan say they can't figure out what the problem is. They say they put down deposit money, and were told they could get onto the public water system, but water.

"It's ridiculous, shouldn't have to go through this," said Cindy Ryan.

Cindy Ryan says she has just about had it. She continues to do dishes with water brought in with gallon jugs. "I want someone somewhere to do something," said Ryan. "We have to have water, my son needs to be able to take a bath when he wants, and not have to run to his grandparents to take a shower."

The Ryan's live a mobile home near Wappapello on the same property where her Cindy's parents and brother live. Her parents are on a private well system. It's a system the Ryan's can't be on due to capacity issues.

Recently all three made the decision to get on the public water system.

The Ryan family showed us their application with Public Water Supply District #4 in Wappapello, and receipt of deposit from February.

"We were told we would have water by April 1st," said Cindy Ryan. "That came and went, and we asked over and over again when are we getting our water."

Bill and Cindy Ryan say crews with PWSD #4 came out and put up flags on the family's property, marking where the water lines would be placed.

"Every time we call and leave a message we don't get any calls back," said Bill Ryan.

As for the water district, operator Mike Johnson says they've been busy fixing leaks and haven't gotten to the job just yet. He says the Ryan family can come pick up their deposit check anytime if they're not satisfied.

"To us that's not an option," said Bill Ryan. "We paid back in February. How come we can't get our water?"

The Ryan's say they moved back to Southeast Missouri from California to care for Cindy's aging parents, but don't know how much longer they can go without water.

"I don't know where to go from here," said Cindy Ryan.

When Heartland News stopped by Public Water Supply District #4 in Wappapello on Thursday afternoon for follow up questions, we were told no further questions would be answered.

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