Family center finds partnership to continue programs

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Cape Area Family Resource Center will have to close it's doors by the end of the summer if it can't find a new source of money.

Tuesday night, board members from the family center, and community members, gathered to announce the Family Resource Center is partnering with the Boys and Girls club, to keep the programs going.

Kevin Sexton, a family center board member, says they don't know where the center will move to, since the current building isn't an option, but does say they want to keep the center in the south part of Cape Girardeau.

The center looked to partner with a number of different organizations, and decided this was the best option.

"The Boys and Girls Club has almost the same identical mission that the Family Resource Center does," said Sexton. "The Boys and Girls Club is committed to providing safe and accessible services to the young people, and that's what the Family Resource Center is about."

Ted Yates, with the Boys and Girls Club says they are happy to work with the resource center to keep the after school program, and summer camp in the south part of cape. Yates says HWY 74 is a busy road, and little kids should not have to cross it.

He also says they hope to merge the board members from the Family Resource Center and the Boys and Girls club.

Other organizations like United Way say they too will help with the programs and aid financially.