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Ag experts concerned about 3 types of bugs

Japanese beetle Japanese beetle
Emerald ash borer Emerald ash borer
Gypsy moth Gypsy moth

Agriculture experts say they are very concerned about three types of bugs that are infesting southeast Missouri.

They are concerned about the Japanese beetle, the Emerald ash borer, and the Gypsy moth.

Dr. Mike aide, the chair of Southeast Missouri State University's Department of Agriculture, says the bugs could damage the area's forests and crops.

 "The great migrations are yet to come," Dr. Aide said. "The Emerald Ash Borer has decimated thousands and thousands of trees in Michigan.  It's now becoming present in our region and all of these insects are going to play a greater role in our home maintenance, our agriculture in the future."

Dr. Aide says complete infestation could occur in the area within the next two to 25 years.

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