Does it Work Wednesday: 3D Picture Frame

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - The ZAccess Displayit3D frame is supposed to hold almost anything, displaying it 3D, like you can reach out and touch it.

Kelly Jackson says if this works, it'd be a lot easier than trying to display mementos in a typical shadow box, which can be tricky. In fact, she says that's why she's kept a cast of her daughter's tiny little baby foot tucked away all these years.

"I had it in the box in the basement, so this is the first thing I thought of when you said 3D frame," Jackson said. "Now, I can set it out in a room."

So, we open up the frame, place the foot inside very carefully, and secure it with the clasps.

"Ok, it looks pretty cool now."

The frame we tested is $18 and rotates, holding objects within the 4X6 dimensions.

"That's neat."

Question is: Can we put in a different object and display it just as nicely?

The plastic reminds us of shrink wrap. The makers say if it ever stretches out and won't go back into place, you can use a hair dryer to shrink it back. We have no trouble going from the foot cast to a starfish the family found on a recent beach vacation.

"And it just sits in here and rotates!"

Then, we go to something flat, and the frame holds the special card in place quite nicely. We can read the front and back of the message on the card. That's handy, but we wonder what'll happen if we place two objects in here?

Kelly's dad, Dewayne Eaker, places two seashells inside. One has some spiky points. As expected, the little spikes in one of the shells made a small puncture. It didn't quite poke through, but if you buy this, we recommend only displaying smooth objects.

So, is it worth paying $15 to $20 for?

"I'd buy more than one!" said Kelly.

"If I can do it, anybody can!" said Dewayne.

So, we're not sure how long this frame will hold up, but it might bring those treasures you have tucked away come out of hiding and be on display.

"Definitely an 'A'."

"An 'A', I'm anxious to buy one myself!"

Hands (and toes!) down...the Z-Access 3D frame aces the Does it Work test.  You can buy it only online at  in numerous colors and sizes.  NOTE: use clean hands when placing items inside, as this easily smudges.

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