Scott Co. K9 unit works to find missing people

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A Scott County search and rescue unit wants families like Jacque Waller's family to know there's hope they will find their missing loved ones.

From recent cases, to cold cases, the team works with a national center called CUE which stands for Community United Effort.

Just this Sunday, the Scott County team returned from searching for a missing woman in Oklahoma and even searched for Shawn Hornbeck before he was found alive. They want families to know through the networking abilities of the CUE center there are local and national resources available that can bring them answers even when they think all hope is lost.

"We are just individuals with the right attitude who are working just for the family. We are trying to work with law enforcement to bring families closure," said Marshia Morton of the Scott County team.

Anywhere in the United States, the team can be called in.

"I just can't imagine anything worse than not knowing where your family member is," said Claire Stadt. "We can help eliminate a lot of possibilities with our dogs and our search teams and resources."

Their skills go beyond the local level. Often the searchers are called in by the CUE Center.

"This weekend we worked a case in Oklahoma," said Morton. "She'd been missing for ten years and we were able to find just enough to keep the case alive."

The team says it can be a challenge to keep momentum going in a missing person's case. In fact, they contacted us after seeing our coverage of missing people in the Heartland. They want to let families know the CUE Center is there with contacts and crews like their Scott County team in place across the country. They say the CUE Center can bring together all the right elements to find your loved one. At the request of law enforcement and families they can donate their resources and continue a search when funds run out.

"We're bringing so many free trained people to the table for them that they can do so much more than they could before with all the budget restrictions," said Dave Sullivan.

"If we bring one family closure we've done something good," said Stadt.

Missing Person's families can register for free with the CUE Center to access their extensive resources. A number of Heartland families already have.

To find out more about the CUE Center go to:

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