Parents charged after pet ferret eats baby's fingers

KANSAS CITY, MO (WDAF/CNN) - Police have charged the parents of a 4-month-old baby after their pet ferret chewed seven of the boy's fingers off.

The ferret was a Christmas present for the baby's older siblings.

The baby and his three older siblings still live in the same home, but the Grandmother now has custody of all children.

In January, the parents said they were awoken by their baby's screams.

Father, Ryan Waldo said he killed the ferret by throwing it against the dishwasher when he discovered his son was missing all but two thumbs and a pinky.

"We had to get the contents of the ferret's stomach evaluated to see if there was anything in there which in fact did indicate that there was human blood in there as well as human tissue," said Aaron Ambrose, the Grain Valley Police Chief.

The Waldos claimed it was the first time the ferret attacked.

But, just days before the incident the landlord had put the couple in touch with a ferret rescue group. According to the probable cause, the couple told the landlord "they had a ferret they wanted to give away because the ferret had bitten their baby twice."

In a follow up text message, mother Carrie Waldo told the ferret rescue representative, "Kids are voting no right now, but it probably won't be long before he nips the baby again and they get over it. Not sure if we want to get rid of him yet, the kids are crying about it, so we'll let you know."

At the time of the attack, detectives think the kids may have been left home alone.

Cell phone records suggest the parents were texting each other from some location other than their home.

After bonding out, the couple refused to say if they were home at the time of the attack.

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