Afternoon storms knock out power, down trees

Power outages occurred Wednesday in Cape.
Power outages occurred Wednesday in Cape.
Some trees fell on homes by the highway.
Some trees fell on homes by the highway.
NWS reported winds as high as 70 mph.
NWS reported winds as high as 70 mph.

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Storms left some residents without power in Cape Girardeau County Wednesday afternoon.

Power was restored overnight after about 2,700 Ameren Missouri customers in Cape Girardeau County lost power.

At 3:15 p.m., there were wind gusts estimated at 70 mph with dime sized hail, according to the National Weather Service. NWS reports most of the damage took place on the north side of Cape Girardeau, with numerous tree limbs down.

According to the service, there were a few trees that fell across a couple of homes along the highway. Trees were also reported down on Big Bend Road.

"I have a metal roof and it started raining, then I noticed it was getting louder and louder," said Fred Burgard.

"It was calm right before, the winds just went crazy," said Ashley Koettker.

"It was blowing very, very hard, and very, very heavy," said James Buckenmyer.

"I came outside, and the winds, 60 or 70 mile an hour winds," said Burgard.

"There were a few limbs coming around and around," said Buckenmyer.

"15 seconds, maybe 20 seconds, it was fast," said Koettker.

So quick, Koettker says she was prepared to leave behind something dear to her.

"My dogs would not go to the basement with me," said Koettker. "I told them I loved them and ran to the basement."

Luckily Koettker's dogs are fine, but the storm did cause some damage.

"As you can see here, big pine tree down, more over there," said Burgard as he showed where trees were down along Cape Girardeau County road 643.

It was mostly trees that took a hit from the storm. No reports of any damages to homes, but the storm did leave some scratches on one woman's car. She says boards on the side of her garage blew down, hit her car, and caused minor damages.

But most of the people along the road say they feel lucky the winds didn't do more destruction.

"I was very fortunate because I had just put new siding on my house, so none of the trees actually hit my house, I was very fortunate about that," said Koettker.

"Nothing wrong with the house, nothing wrong with any of the cabins or anything, just these trees," said Burgard.

Buckenmyer is just one of the people who says they drove around the surrounding area after the storm, to see about any other damage.

"I don't see anything like this anywhere around," said Buckenmyer.

"It looked like it just came right down this road," said Burgard.

Buckenmyer isn't a specialist, but he did make his own prediction about the storm.

"I thought at the time it was straight line winds because it seemed like all of the tree limbs were on the same side from the trees they came from," said Buckenmyer.

Despite the strong winds, and the trees falling, Buckenmyer surprisingly says he felt safe.

"I didn't think it was a tornado, and I had the brick house there, and I figured it would stand up under the straight winds so I was standing in the door watching it," said Buckenmyer.

Koettker says she feels big damage, and no big repair costs.

"I do have a nice little mess to clean up, so that's not a big deal that's not cost too much," said Koettker.

In Ripley County, Missouri, trees were reported down due to storms with 63 mph winds, said NWS officials.

In Illinois, NWS reported Goreville received 1" hail around 2:45 p.m. A trained spotter reported 1" hail in Perry County, Ill., said NWS.

In Kentucky, 60 mph winds were reported in Trigg County with several tree limbs down, according to NWS.

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