Does it Work: the RoboStir

(KFVS) - The idea behind this week's Does it Work product is giving you an extra hand. Makers of RoboStir say the battery-operated mixer can stir your soups or sauces, so you don't have to, but Does it Work?

Caterer Elaine Hersch tried it on three different food consistencies: marinara sauce, pasta fagoli (an Italian soup made with macaroni and beans) and chili.

The RoboStire was easy enough to put together and the directions were pretty simple. It works best when the pot or pan is nonstick with a lot of liquid in it.

Elaine was impressed with the way it stirred the marinara sauce, but she was concerned whether it could stir its way to the outside of the pot.

The RoboStir has three speeds, so we "upped" it for the Pasta Fagoli since it has beans. It was still a little slow. When we got to the chili, it was a bust!

"I was hoping you would be able to walk away and do other tasks I'm not so sure that it's very realistic."

The RoboStir slowed to a crawl and had problems covering the whole pot.

"I wouldn't buy it for home, I wouldn't buy it for a family..and if you gave it to me, I wouldn't use it," said Hersch.

So, it can stir the pot, but not just the one on the stove.  It fails this Does it Work test.

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