YourTurn - 6/24/11

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William Nimmo from Anna, Illinois:
"Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on smokeless tobacco, I used it in high school and was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. I should have quit but didn't. 14 years later the cancer reoccurred and I lost my thyroid…I quit cold turkey and by the grace of God have been cancer free for the past 19 years. Some of my friends still use (smokeless tobacco) regardless of what it can do. The warnings on (the products) should mention cancer or at least be more realistic (about) the dangers associated with its use."
Heartland viewer Maria Lent:
"In the State of Illinois at Menard Corrections there is nothing for the prisoners. There is a sign in the visiting room stating what they do for the prisoners when the truth is they do nothing. They can't use the library, they don't have school, Menard only gives jobs to the higher educated prisoners and they don't offer them any kind of help. Prisoners don't even receive a healthy diet…they did a crime and they are paying for it and so are their families. (Prisoners) still have rights…and the correction officers need to realize that their jobs (should) not (involve) harassing and abusing inmates."

Kayla Bostain from Lesterville, Missouri:
"There are way too many teens and preteens having children. Parents and schools need to step up sexual education and talk to their children about protection…my parents drilled it into my head…it is very shocking to hear about babies having babies…it is ridiculous."

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