New Madrid Co. Sheriff says Waller case similar to cold case

NEW MADRID, MO (KFVS) - New Madrid County Sheriff, Terry Stevens says Jacque Waller's case immediately reminded him of Teresa Butler's story.

By all accounts a loving mother, gone without a trace.

For more than five years, Sheriff Stevens has helped the family search for Butler.

On a January morning in 2006, Butler's husband came home to Risco after working the overnight shift.

Their two young children were home but Teresa was not.

"It immediately reminded me of Teresa," said Stevens.

Stevens says he still gets leads on Teresa and the department investigates everyone.

He says it's up to family members to be forthcoming from the beginning and in the years that follow.

"Don't hold anything back," said Stevens. "You have to give all the information you can. You never know when something might be relevant."

Stevens says he's confident in Teresa Butler's case, there's someone out there that knows something. He is confident the case will be solved so the family can get some closure.

If you have information call authorities.

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