Family looking for man four years after disappearance

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Nearly four years later, the family of Tony Woodworth won't stop looking.

"The good lord gives me strength everyday," said Woolworth's mother, Annie Black.

Woodworth vanished in October of 2007. His sister Teresa Woodworth was the last one to see him.

"He was at my house and I asked him to go to bed," said Teresa. "He said OK and that was the last time we spoke."

Over the years few leads have surfaced.  Police say they sent out a call across the country for information.

At one time authorities believed foul play could be a possibility.

Woodworth's family tells Heartland News they believe he was killed. Now, they won't give up.

Through their own investigating they've learned Tony may have been in a white Oldsmobile the night he disappeared.

Others report hearing a gunshot wound in the Charleston neighborhood near Elm Street where he was last seen. Now the family wants answers.

"I can't prove it but I know a person in prison does know," said Black.

They say Tony's path wasn't always straight but he was a good person.

Now, the Woodworth family says they won't stop searching.

"I go on walks and do my own searching," said Teresa.

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