Some businesses calling it quits after the flood

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

OLIVE BRANCH, IL (KFVS) -The flood of 2011 is forcing some business owners in Olive Branch to close their doors for good.

"We were in the flood of '93 and lost everything. It took us seven years to get back in our home," said Lucille Masterson.

And now the flood of 2011 and has wiped out the Masterson's home and motel business again.

The couple opened the Miller City Motel 25 years ago, to help supplement their retirement.

"I'm 71-years-old. I have lost my son and my husband died this past June. My other two sons have had major surgeries. And I'm not able to clean this up. It isn't safe to live with all this mold. And it's just not feasible to  put anymore money into it," said Masterson.

Now after more than 25 years of providing a comfortable room for travelers, Lucille is watching it all get washed away by the flood.

"When the lake was good the fishing was good, we had a lot of fisherman. Now I'm hoping for a buyout, or something will come through  with us sitting here on the lake. But if it doesn't I can't just live here. I'll have to survive some where else."

Living with one of her two sons isn't an option either for Lucille, they both lived on the property with her and lost their homes too in the flood.

Now she has another problem, that she says she can't explain.

"Just to add insult to injury I go the post office and I get this water bill for nearly eight hundred dollars and some one-hundred and three thousand nine hundred gallons of water, I'm supposed to have used and not even been here," Masterson said.

In fact Lucille says when the flood waters moved in on May 2nd she moved out, shutting off the power to her motel and home. And she says she has no idea how she's going to pay for water that she didn't use.

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