Residents, farmers of Mississippi County dealing with theft

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - It's a new problem for farmers on the Birds Point Spillway: theft.

"People are walking in here taking off with whatever they can get their hands on things that have washed up on the farm or on the levee," Milus Wallace said. Wallace farms near Dorena and lives just down the road from the area where the third levee was breached when the Birds Point Plan was activated to ease pressure on other parts of the levee system.

"The water is going down but there's no telling what's out here. People are pulling up taking it and putting it in their truck," said Wallace. "It's not theirs. Farmers would get to their stuff eventually but we've got our hands full right now."

County leaders in Mississippi and New Madrid County and authorities there tell us Wallace isn't the only one reporting a problem.

"We're working overtime putting deputies in the area," said Mississippi County Sheriff, Keith Moore. "That's still someone's property."

Moore says they haven't made any arrests, but they are making regular stops of suspicious vehicles.

"If people don't have any business being in the area they shouldn't be," said Sheriff Moore.

Meanwhile farmers tell us they've put up cameras, and are having workers stay on their property at night to keep an eye on things.

"We've caught people on video," said Wallace.

If you have information about thefts on the spillway, call authorities in Mississippi or New Madrid County.

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