Police use Taser gun on cow

PELHAM, NH (WCVB/CNN) – Police used a Taser gun on a runaway cow and the owner is not happy about it.

"The taser was deployed as an option, I felt as though and I think all the officers on scene felt as though that was reasonable option at the time," said Sgt. Mike Pickles.

Wendy Bordeleau says Pelham Police overacted by tasing her cow, after she got out and crossed a busy in road in Pellham, NH.

"Yes she's doing ok, yep, she seems pretty happy to be back," Bordeleau said.

The cow has been named Houdini for getting out of her predicament, the heifer did not seem fazed by the taser, but Bordeleau says it went on for too long.

"I was really upset that they just continued that, the group was kind of screaming that's enough, please stop and they just kept shooting at the cow," Bordeleau said.

Bordeleau plans to talk it over with police chief.

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