Twitter makes cancer patient's 'bucket list' a reality

ULVERSON, ENGLAND (RNN) - Alice Pyne is a typical 15-year-old with big dreams. Like many girls her age, she swoons over the possibility of meeting her favorite band, wants to travel the world, dreams of going whale watching and aspires to be a dolphin trainer.

Unlike most girls her age, she is fighting for her life and knows the days she's given are precious and possibly few.

She's been battling cancer for four years and says on her blog "I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one."

She recently started the blog to put her bucket list of all the things she is "trying to get done before I have to go," as well as keep friends updated on her life.

"Most of you know that my scan at Alder Hey wasn't very good and that the cancer is now spreading through my body. It's a pain because there's so much stuff that I still want to do," she wrote on her Blogspot page, 'Alice's Bucket List'. "I guess that my particular cancer is made of strong stuff (which is hard because I know I gave it my all and I'm strong and determined too)."

Within hours, her bucket list went viral.

#AlicesBucketList became a trending topic on Twitter, as people embraced and re-tweeted her mission. Many have also flocked to her blog, offering to help make some of those dreams come true.

"We've actually been offered so many wonderful experiences that I've definitely got a lot of exciting days ahead," she wrote.

This weekend, she'll be meeting Take That, one of her favorite bands. Like all girls, the big question is, "What to wear?"

"I've lived in PJs for about a year so mum is going to town to buy some things to bring back for me to try. She'll bring loads but I'll no doubt end up wearing leggings and a shirt," she said.

Some of her dreams will remain only dreams. Her health has prevented her from crossing some of them off her list - like traveling outside the United Kingdom or participating in a dolphin trainer experience.

But she's already achieved her most important mission - to leave a legacy of healing for others also fighting cancer.

Through her blog, she has helped raise more than 25,000 British pounds for her sister's upcoming run in the Race for Life, a charity event that benefits cancer research. People's generosity has shattered their expectations as well as the original goal of 1,000 pounds.

Alice's No. 1 aspiration for her bucket list is to encourage everyone, through her story, to sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

"I will take a camera with me wherever I go and I'll post photos of everything I do," she wrote. "In return, you can keep asking everyone you bump into to join the bone marrow donation schemes in your country."

As she ticks experiences off the list, she's inspiring others to live the most fulfilling life they can, in spite of the circumstances life throws their way.

"Mum always tells me that life is what we make of it and so I'm going to make the best of what I have."

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