Firefighters battle fire in Miner

(Source: Sgt. Jim McMIllen, Sikeston DPS)
(Source: Sgt. Jim McMIllen, Sikeston DPS)

MINER, MO (KFVS) - Firefighters were on the scene of a large fire at a business on Hwy. HH just north of Miner Friday afternoon.

Two buildings at Pallet Connection, a business that makes pallets, were lost.

Owner Greg Casey says he got a call around 3 p.m. Friday saying that his business was on fire. Casey said he lost two buildings, over $100,000 of inventory, 2 race cars, one show car and more than 8,000 pallets.

He also says some propane tanks exploded.

More than seven agencies responded to the fire.  Water pressure was a problem in fighting the fire.  Several tankers were brought in to fight the flames. But, crews were able to extinguish the blaze by around 6 p.m.

Sikeston Fire Department Lt. Bill Mygatt says there are a few difficulties in fighting fires like this.

"The struggle is that we're not in town," said Mygatt. "Sikeston is a municipal department, although we do run out into the rural areas. In town we have fire hydrants, so the water's there, all we have to do is hook to the hydrants. In the rural setting, which you can consider this a rural setting, we have to set up a water supply using drop tanks and tankers, so the trick is to get enough tankers coming quick enough, so you have water to do something about the fire."

He adds Friday's heat is another issue.

"It's a struggle, especially early on, where officers are having to work real hard and their relief is not there yet," said Mygatt. "We had a couple of officers had to go to the ambulance to get some oxygen and cool down."

Miner Fire Chief Chris Smith says even a slight breeze can also be an issue since it spreads the fire more quickly.

He says a fire like this one, is rare in his district.

"We really don't have that much area, big buildings like this catch on fire around here, it happens every so often, but this one here, its been about a year since we had something this large," said Smith.

The Miner Police Department confirms that one house next to area was in danger.  The people in house were evacuated as a precaution.  The house did not burn.

The fire department says there have been no reports of injuries, and they don't know what started the fire.

Casey says he will spend this next week cleaning up and get right back to work.

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