Dunklin Co. sheriff's department seeing rash of burglaries

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) – Theft is on the rise in Dunklin County.

The Dunklin County Sheriff's Department is taking more reports this year than last year on stealing that is happening in the county.

"Lap tops, G-P-S, change, sunglasses," said Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder.  Holder said this list is just a few of the things that have been reported stolen so far this year.

"We're ahead of last year about 20 something incidents so far this month," said Holder.

Holder said he isn't surprised because many are still struggling.

"The economy is a little bit slow so it's making it tough for some people especially those that don't have a job," said Holder.

He believes people are stealing so they can sell what they find for cash.

"Usually in economic times people will find a way to get money and sometimes they take things that don't belong to them," said Holder.

Shop buildings and utility sheds have been targets because they're out in the open.

"Scrap iron, scrap metal that they may see out in the field row sometime they just go by and pick it up without the farmers permission," said Holder.

If it is in your yard thieves may see it as fair game.

"If you've used your weed eater and its laying out under the carport put it up or put it behind the house.  Put it where it's not in open view so it's not tempting somebody," said Holder.

Holder said it's also important for neighbors to watch out for each other.

"If you've got neighbors who are home during the day they can be watchful because not all these burglaries are occurring at night a lot of thefts are during the daytime," said Holder.

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