Kennett sheltered workshop looking for home after fire

A fire on February 28 destroyed the Cotton Boll Sheltered Workshop in Kennett.

The workshop employs about 40 handicapped people who clean businesses, mow lawns and before the fire, baled paper and cardboard.

This empty concrete slab is where the workshop used to be.

Director Nancy Nichols says this location is not big enough to re-build with two buildings instead of one.

Nichols says they have been in talks with the city of Kennett about another piece of property, but right now they're at a standstill.

"I have looked, I feel, at every piece of property in the city limits that we could build on and we may have to start doing that again," Nichols said.  "I don't know."

In the meantime, employees are still working but they have no permanent home.

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