License to Steal

Thieves have found a new way to rip you off. They're targeting something you might not even know you need to protect, your vehicle license plate decals! We all know it's an inconvenience to head down to the department of revenue every year and shell out all that cash to get our vehicle license plates renewed. Those little stickers can be expensive. And that's what's making them so attractive to thieves. Criminals are stripping the stickers off and putting them on their own cars, or stolen vehicles. And in the end, the legal owner will have to pay. It'll cost you $11 in Missouri to replace yours. Someone even tried to peel off the decal on one of our Heartland News trucks.
So, how do you protect your decal? It's not like you can stand guard 24 hours a day. Well, the answer could be as simple as a razor blade. All you have to do is cut slits in your decal. That way when someone tries to peel it off, it comes off in pieces and it's unusable. We took that preventative measure here at KFVS12 last year and that's why the thief wasn't able to peel off the 1999 sticker in one piece. But, someone forgot to do the same when we put the new 2000 decal on and we paid the price. Missouri is working to make their decals more difficult to remove, so thieves won't be able to peel them off so easily.