Marble Hill: Jurassic Crowd

Seconds into the show at Marble Hill a wall of dirt, wind, and leaves smacked into the crew, the tent, the crowd, and Dave and Lisa. Bob and the StormTeam had warned us we might get hit pretty hard.We scrambled to move our cameras under the tent with the crowd fearing a downpour. Luckily it stayed mostly dry, excluding a few drops here and there.

Needless to say, nothing could dampen our spirits in Marble Hill. The high school band played for us, so did the local bluegrass/gospel band, both very entertaining. Hundreds of others showed up to greet us, and enjoy the annual Fall Festival. Square dancers entertained the crowd before the show.

In all it was a fitting end to our "On the Road" series for the year 2000. Heartland News would like to thank the thousands of folks who took the time to come share a hot dog, and share interesting stories throughout the summer.