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Buddy Check 12: One woman's journey - Part 2


We first introduced you to Judy Settle of Jackson in April.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and has agreed to let us follow her on her journey of treatment.

Judy hopes her experience can help others going through the same thing. When we first met Judy, it was easy to see that she's a woman of strength, who isn't afraid to laugh at life!

Even though cancer is no laughing matter, she's approaching her recovery with that same spirit!

After getting a breast cancer diagnosis, Judy had a mastectomy and is now undergoing chemotherapy to help her fight the disease. She's had three rounds of chemo.

A side effect of the treatment of course is hair loss, which can be especially difficult for woman to deal with.

However, Judy is approaching it with the same spirit she approaches everything else.

"Any excuse to have a party," Judy said.

With food, fun, and lots of friends and family at Southeast Cancer Center in Cape Girardeau, Judy is turning what can be a tough aspect of chemotherapy into a time to celebrate.

Judy started with long locks. She first had her long hair cut short by her stylist. That hair will now become Locks of Love for kids battling cancer.

But Judy didn't stop there. Another party, another haircut, but this time, she took it all off!

"I just decided I didn't want to walk around looking at long strands of hair falling out.

When I looked in the drain and saw a huge wad of hair it was more than I wanted to deal with," Judy said.

This time she recruited her friends and family to help out.

Judy says while hair loss is difficult for any woman, keeping the upper hand helps her tackle it a little stronger.

"I just thought I'll get rid of it and be in control…as long as I can I'll be in control," Judy said.

She also bought hats and got a wig to complete her new look.

The Cancer Center helps women get and fit their new looks through a partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Meantime, son Ryan Settle helped give mom a new do and wasn't surprised when she came up with the idea.

"I thought it was typical of my mom, any excuse to have a party!" said Ryan.

He says everyone in the family is pitching in as they go through this bump in the road together. And you can tell he's his mother's son!

"Just a normal family, just another something else we're going to schedule," Ryan said.

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