Tulip tree scale on Tulip Poplar



Tulip tree scale on Tulip Poplar

By Paul Schnare

Saturday, September 20, 2003



The most obvious sign of tuliptree scale infestation is brown to black bumps on twigs.  Under each one of these “scales” is an insect that is sucking sap out of the twigs of the tulip tree. 


As each insect sucks sap out of the tree, some of the sap leaks out.  This sticky substance is usually black because algae is growing in it.  Quite often leaves, twigs, branches, and anything under the crown of the tulip poplar is covered with this black sticky substance. 


Spraying the entire tree with dormant oil in February will control scale.  As dormant oil dries, it forms a seal over the scale.  The scale then suffocates.  This application should be done several years in a row.  You can also spray the tree the first, middle, and last of August with permethrin to control the crawler stage.