Storms damage horse rescue in Patton

PATTON, MO (KFVS) - People living in Patton are still cleaning up from the devastating storms in May 2010.

The storms on April 19 blew the roof of the old Mouser Steel building and it landed behind the building.

"A few years ago, we're still seeing damage," said Terry Douglas of Patton.  "You can drive up and down the road and see the results of that.  And same thing with this here.  You know, this building here, been here for a long, long, time and now it's gone."

Right behind the building is the T.L.C. Equine Rescue, a non-for-profit organization horse rescue.

Many of the sheds sustained quite a bit of damage.

That is where workers stored the hay, which has all been ruined by the rain.

Representatives with the place say they can't take in anymore horses right now.

They also say they could really use donations or any sort of help people in the area can offer.

Contact information for T.L.C. Equine Rescue can be found at

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